Top 5 Tips for Visiting Volcano Bay

  1. Arrive EARLY - better chairs, better views, shorter lines.
    Pro tip: Rent a cabana or premium seating.

  2. Use your TapuTapu and stow your wallet - set up TapTu Pay on the Official Universal Orlando App ahead of time, link your ticket and credit card. Then put your wallet in a locker :)

  3. Raining? STAY - you’re already wet so why run for cover? You’ll find tourists leave so lines will get shorter.

  4. Eat early or late - skip the huge lines by eating before 11am or after 3pm. Spend your time riding, not standing in line.

  5. Look for “Ride Now” - you don’t have to use the virtual line feature if a slide has a “Ride Now” sign.

Volcano Bay is the BEST water theme park EVER - don’t take my word for it, try it yourself!
- Kimberly