Mr. Kevin: A Magical Memory

I like to take a photo that’s representative of the story and then write about it… the memories, the feelings evoked from the photo. Here, you can see the joy on MiaMouse’s face as she poses with Mr. Kevin - she’s giddy! And he’s smiling like the saint he was. ;)


Mia adored Mr. Kevin and followed him everywhere around the ship. He was so patient with her constant questions and giggles and “Mr. Kevin… Mr. Kevin… Mr. Kevin…” and never once showed frustration or that he was too busy to spend time with her.

She’d be bummed when he had to work somewhere other than where she wanted or needed to be and was thrilled to stumble across him at the Mickey Pool when we’d finished eating after our day at Castaway Cay where - of course - she hounded him mercilessly in Scuttle’s Cove.

Mr. Kevin has the patience of Job and I’m so thankful for his care and kindness to our MiaMouse. She’ll never forget her Mr. Kevin and how he treated her. Pure Disney magic!

What’s your favorite journaling/storytelling method?
- Kimberly