Midship Detective Agency Game

How about a detective game using Enchanted Art and Disney’s beloved characters? Meet the Midship Detective Agency!

The Game

There are 2 kiosks: one on Deck 2 midship by the Enchanted Garden restaurant and one on Deck 5 midship across from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and near it’s a small world nursery. We began on Deck 5.

You choose one of several games to play which means you can play again without repeating the case. Currently the cases are The Case of the Plundered Paintings with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy; The Case of the Missing Puppies which is 101 Dalmatians themed; and The Case of the Stolen Show with the Muppets. Mia chose The Case of the Missing Puppies.

You’ll receive instructions from Mickey in a debriefing, then pick up a casebook (map) and detective badge (QR code), and a pencil. After you try out the badge, you’re off!

Each clue involves Enchanted Artwork and requires you complete a task, like “sail” a pirate ship.


  1. Stand on the floor marker for the best location.

  2. Be sure to hold your card upright/vertical. If it tips, the artwork can’t read it properly.

  3. Carry your card with you all the time – you never know when you’re going to want to continue playing!

  4. Even if you’re not going to play the game, stop by the Midship Detective Agency desk and pick up an Enchanted Art map.

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Have you ever played the Midship Detective Agency game? Will you/would you? Let me know in the comments.
- Kimberly