“I don’t give a Ravencrap” That pretty much covers it!

Our first time at Aventura Hotel and we had a Kids Suite - LOVE! We adore Universal Orlando and I’m a Harry Potter girl so cancer or not, we were going to The Wizarding World. MiaMouse got a picture of me in my house colors #Ravenclaw and off we went.

Choosing a simple template and keeping all the elements in the same set made it easy peasy to complete quickly. #always


The only day we went to the parks, I was dressed in house colors and wearing my new-favorite hat. I received lots of smiles, compliments, and outright laughs. Everyone wanted to know where I got my hat!*


template: Life Basics Minimal No. 01 | CZ Design
paper & elements: Wizarding | Project Mouse

psst… my hat came from You’re welcome ;)
- Kimberly