How to Keep Your Resort Room Organized

As I’m sitting down to our packing list for our next Universal Orlando trip, I realize just how much of what we pack is actually geared towards keeping our resort room organized. We spend more time in our room than most of our clients – hello, working vacation here! – but still, no one wants to walk back into their room, tired after a long day at the parks, and have it look like a bomb went off.

Let’s look at what makes our resort life easier and more organized:

Bathroom/Vanity Area

pop up hamper
  1. Over-the-door holder: Hang one over your bathroom door to hold brushes, sunscreen, lanyards, and more. Goodbye, messy vanity counter!

  2. Pop-up hamper: Toys, shoes, jackets… it all goes in pop-up hampers.

  3. Suction cup hooks: Great for hanging wet swimsuits and hand washables in the shower. I much prefer the hooks to the clotheslines.

  4. Air freshener: Bring your choice of compact solid or small aerosol. Enough said.

  5. Leave a suitcase open: We keep one suitcase open to fill with dirty clothes. When it’s full, it’s time to run a load or two of laundry while enjoying the pool. There’s a reason the laundry facilities are always close to the pools! Since we drive, I also bring laundry detergent and a roll of quarters but those who fly can get them from the vending machines at the laundry.

Living Area

  1. Power strip/surge protector: We use a lot of electronics (laptops, iPods, phones, iPads, cameras, etc.) and they all seem to need to be charged at the same time so the power strip/surge protector comes in handy. This will also help protect your electronics from power fluctuations.

  2. Ziploc bags: I never travel without several bags in different sizes. Snacks, toys, hair doodads, etc. all safe inside their little zippered plastic bag.

  3. Drop-it Dish: It doesn’t matter what it is – a small box, a dish, a bag, whatever – you need a place to drop stuff that you can’t put away at the moment. Everyone should know that if they can’t find something, check the box. We keep ours on top of the entertainment center and I clean it out every night.

Do you have any good packing/organization tips? Share them here and I’ll include them in an upcoming edition of the Mouse Tales Travel Newsletter. Be sure to subscribe!
- Kimberly