Disneyland Recipes

Here's a gathering of favorite recipes from Disneyland Resort. Enjoy!

Kicking us off, my favorite sandwich from my favorite restaurant – overlooking Pirates of the Caribbean. Sorry, WDW… DLand has the BEST Pirates!

Monte Cristo Sandwich from the Blue Bayou Restaurant

Ingredients and Directions

1 ½ c. all purpose flour, sifted
¼ t. salt
1 T. baking powder
1 1/3 c. water
1 egg

Sift flour, salt and baking powder together. Add water to beaten egg and add to flour mixture and mix well. Set aside. (Yields 2 c. batter)

1 oz. sliced white meat of turkey
1 oz. sliced Swiss cheese
1 oz. sliced ham
2 slices white bread

Make a sandwich using first turkey, then Swiss cheese, then ham. Cut sandwich into quarters. Use toothpicks to hold sandwich together. Dip sandwich in egg batter and fry in 360 degree oil until golden brown. Remove toothpicks and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve with whipped raspberry jelly (below).

Whipped Jelly
8 oz. Apple jelly
8 oz. Raspberry jam
8 oz. Half and Half

Combine apple jelly and raspberry jam in blender at slow speed. Add half and half, and whip in blender at high speed.


Cornbread with Honey Butter from Big Thunder Ranch, Frontierland


1/2 c. vegetable oil
1 c. sugar
2 eggs
2 1/2 c. water
2 1/2 c. all- purpose flour
1 c. pastry flour
1/2 c. powdered milk
2 T. baking powder
1 T. salt
1 T. vanilla
1 c. yellow cornmeal


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Grease 9X13″ baking pan. Set aside. In a large bowl blend together oil, sugar and eggs for two minutes. Add 2 cups of the water and mix until blended with sugar mixture. Add flours, powdered milk, baking powder, salt and vanilla. Mix ten minutes al low speed. Add remaining 1/2 cup water and cornmeal. Mix five minutes more. Pour into prepared pan. Bake 40 to 50 minutes or until golden brown and tester comes out clean. Serve with Honey Butter. Serves 12.

Honey Butter:

1/3 c. honey
2 c. (1/2 pound) butter, softened

Beat honey into softened butter until blended. Refrigerate in small molds or serve in bowls.


Pork Loin with Root Beer Spiced Apples from Blue Bayou

Pork Loin:

5 lb. Pork Loin
1 ½ oz. Jerk Seasoning

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Rub jerk seasoning all over pork loin. Place
loin in oven. Roast for about one hour and ten minutes or until internal
temperature reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit. After done, let pork loin rest
in a warm place for five minutes. Serve with Blue Bayou Root Beer Spiced Apples. (See Below)

Root Beer Spiced Apples:

2 lbs. Granny Smith Apples (About 4 large)
6 oz. Brown Sugar
2 T. Cinnamon
1.5 t. Cornstarch
2.5 c. Root Beer Soda
1 t. Nutmeg
1/8 t. Ground Cloves
1 ½ t. Cold Water

1. Core, peel and cut apples into wedges.
2. Combine root beer, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves into a saucepan. Bring to a boil and stir frequently.
3. In a separate bowl, mix cornstarch and a little water to make a thin paste.
4. When the mix starts boiling, add the cornstarch paste and stir well.
5. Add the apples and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Stir frequently. Serve partially over the pork loin on the plate.


Jungle Julep at Tahitian Terrace, Adventureland


½ c. sugar
5 c. cold water
½ c. pineapple juice
3 T. lemon juice
2 T. grape juice concentrate
2 T. sweetened orange powdered drink mix
1 ½ T. grenadine


In a large pitcher, mix the sugar with the water until it is completely dissolved. Stir in the remaining ingredients. Chill. May be served over ice. Makes 1 ½ quarts.


Breakfast Potatoes from Carnation Cafe, Main Street U.S.A


3 c. red potatoes, cut in 3/4″ cubes
1/3 c. onions, diced
5 T. green bell peppers, diced
4 T. red bell peppers, diced
1 T. butter
1/2 t. parsley flakes
2 t. garlic powder
1/2 t. seasoned salt
Black pepper to taste
Oil for frying


In a deep fryer or skillet with 1-2 inches of oil, fry potatoes until golden brown; drain and set aside. Sauté onions and bell peppers in butter. Mix in potatoes. Add parsley, garlic powder, seasoned salt and black pepper. Serves 4-6.


Spicy Chicken Sausage with Sweet Corn Polenta, Rancho del Zocalo / Food & Wine Festival
Wine selection: Château des Charmes Riesling

Serves 4

1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil
1 medium Spanish onion, small dice
½ oz basil (1 tablespoon)
1 oz garlic (2 tablespoons)
2/3 cup fresh corn (1 cob), removed from cob
1 cup water
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup maple syrup (optional)
1/3 cup regular polenta (ground yellow or white cornmeal)
1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 1/2 teaspoons chopped chives
Coarse salt, freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 pound spicy chicken sausage links

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.

  2. Heat olive oil in a large oven-safe skillet over medium heat. Add onions, basil, garlic and fresh corn and cook for 3-5 minutes. Add water, cream and maple syrup; bring mixture to a boil.

  3. Reduce heat to low and stir in polenta. Cook on low heat for 5 minutes while continuing to stir.

  4. Cover pan with foil and bake for 45 minutes or until polenta is creamy and has absorbed most of the liquid.

  5. Remove from oven and stir in chives and Parmesan cheese. Season to taste.

  6. Grill sausages, then slice in half. To serve, spoon polenta into warmed bowls and top with sausages.

A little video action showing how it’s done, thanks to the Disney Parks blog:



Cabernet Blackberry Braised Prime Beef Short Ribs
Napa Rose Restaurant Disney’s Grand Californian, Chef Andrew Sutton

6 each prime short ribs (each bone-in short rib should weigh about 16 oz.)
1 bottle cabernet sauvignon
1 can frozen blackberries with juice (thawed)
1 large diced onion
2 coarse sliced carrots
1 fennel bulb
1/2 bunch fresh thyme stems
5 sage leaves
3 TB kosher salt
2 TB Coarse ground black pepper
4 C veal demi glace
2 C chicken stock
1/4 C neutral cooking oil

Season short ribs with salt and pepper 2 hours before you sear them. Keep them cold in the refrigerator. Brown the seasoned short ribs in a sauté pan; set on medium-high heat. Add the sliced vegetables. Reduce the heat to medium and brown all vegetables. Once all vegetables are evenly browned, add one bottle of good cabernet sauvignon and simmer the liquid and vegetables until the liquid is reduced by 75% to 80%. Transfer wine, vegetables and beef short ribs to a crock pot/sauce pan. Add demi glace, chicken stock and thawed blackberries to the ribs and wine. There should be enough liquid to cover the ribs completely by at least 2 inches. Bring to a boil, cover and reduce to a slow simmer. Continue simmering the short ribs for 2 ½-3 hours or until tender. Allow ribs to cool in the liquid at room temperature for one hour. Remove ribs from liquid and remove the bones from the short ribs. Reduce the liquid to sauce consistency, strain and pour over the short ribs and refrigerate until ready to use.

Notes: Chef’s Notes: Short Ribs are a great cut of meat but get nice 2 inch thick prime short ribs if you can. It is worth the extra money. As for Wine pairing this is a great dish it would work well with, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir or Syrah. Almost any good red wine with medium low tannin and good fruit characteristics. This Recipe works best made a day ahead.


Yukon Potato Stack with Gruyére and Parmesan Cheeses
Steakhouse 55, Disneyland Hotel, (Chef Jason Martin)

5 lb. Yukon gold potatoes
8 oz. Parmesan cheese, shredded
8 oz. Gruyere cheese, shredded
1 tsp. olive oil
4 tbs. shallots (approximately 4), minced
2 tbs. fresh garlic (approximately 4-5 large cloves), minced
3 cups heavy cream
1 tbs. kosher salt
To taste: freshly ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 300˚F.
Peel and slice potatoes to about 1/16 inch thick. (Use a mandoline or food slicer to slice potatoes uniformly. Do not rinse or hold potatoes in water because the starch will be washed away). Set aside.
Mix shredded cheeses together and reserve 1/3 cup to top the potato stack. Set aside. Heat a heavy-bottomed stock pot over medium heat. Add olive oil to pan and coat the bottom. Add chopped shallots and cook for 5 minutes, stirring continuously. Add garlic and continue to sauté until garlic starts to brown. Add the cream and potatoes to the pot. Add the salt & pepper.
Stir to coat the potatoes and reduce the cream until it starts to thicken, about 10-15 minutes. Add cheese to the pot and continue cooking over medium heat until cheese melts. Adjust the salt and pepper to taste.
Place a piece of parchment paper on the bottom of a 13-inch by9-inch pan. Spray with nonstick pan spray. Add potato mix to the pan, making sure that the potatoes lay flat and that there are no gaps. Spread the reserved cheese over the top in an even layer. Cover the baking pan with plastic wrap first and then foil. Bake in preheated oven for two hours. Check the potatoes by inserting a toothpick into the center. If it goes in without any give, it is done. If there is still give, cover and return to the oven, checking every 10-15 minutes.


Our final recipe is the White Godiva, Dark Chocolate Celebration from the exclusive Club 33 – what I wouldn’t give to try this in person!

White Godiva, Dark Chocolate Celebration from Club 33

Chocolate Terrine
1 oz. canola oil
12 oz. bittersweet chocolate (or Hershey Bar)*
8½ oz. unsalted butter, cubed
4 large eggs, separated
4 large egg yolks
1½ cups confectioner’s sugar
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
½ cup heavy cream
2 tsp. granulated sugar*

* If you use the Hershey Bar, do not add granulated sugar

Lightly oil a 12 x 4, 3-inch-high, terrine mold. Line with plastic wrap and set aside. Find a metal bowl that fits comfortably in a saucepan. Melt chocolate and butter together in the metal bowl over lightly simmering water (not boiling), stirring from time to time. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. When chocolate is warm enough to touch, stir in 8 egg yolks until well combined (you’ll know they’re well combined when the mixture is the same color throughout). Sift in the confectioner’s sugar and cocoa powder, and stir with wooden spoon or rubber spatula. Whip the heavy cream in a separate bowl until it forms soft peaks, then refrigerate. Beat the 4 egg whites and granulated sugar together in another bowl till soft peaks form. (You can also use a stand mixer for this step.) Fold in the egg whites and then fold in the cold whipping cream. Pour your chocolate into the terrine mold and fold over the plastic wrap to cover the top. Refrigerate for at least 24 hours (3 days is best). When ready to serve, flip over terrine mold and the terrine should fall out (you can tug on the plastic to wiggle it out, if necessary). Remove the plastic and slice with a thin sharp knife that has been sitting in hot water. Wipe the knife after each slice. Serve each portion topped with White Godiva Vanilla Sauce. [recipe below]

White Godiva Vanilla Sauce
½ cup sugar
5 large egg yolks
1½ cups whole milk
2 Tbsp. vanilla extract
½ cup Godiva white chocolate liqueur

In a metal bowl, whisk sugar and egg yolks together. Combine the milk and vanilla in a saucepan and bring to a boil (be careful not to let them scorch – check the bottom of the pan frequently with a wooden spoon). Slowly pour ¼ cup of hot milk into the egg yolk mixture, whisking constantly. Whisk the egg yolk mixture into the milk and return to heat. Whisk in the liqueur and cook on low heat until first signs of boiling (stir constantly). Quickly strain the sauce into a bowl and cover with plastic. Place in refrigerator to cool.


Now I’m hungry…
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