Bring It or Leave It?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to packing for inside the park: One, you take everything. Two, you take nothing. The Ones pack for every eventuality and the Twos only take their MagicBand and ID, then whatever small tidbits fit in their pockets (like a cell phone). I’m a One and take:

disney backpack
  • MagicBand (wear)

  • cell phone

  • small wallet with ID and one debit/credit card, insurance card, and other Disney-ish cards

  • sunscreen

  • camera w/extra memory cards

  • Kleenex

  • sweater for chilly restaurants (for MiaMouse)

  • rain ponchos

  • Bodyglide or other anti-chafe product

  • glow bracelets to share

  • band-aids (lots)

  • wipes for dirty faces & hands… and places!

  • anti-bacterial hand gel or spray

  • autograph book & pens

  • ibuprofen/tylenol + other personal medication needs

  • snacks – try fruit gummies, granola/protein bars, nuts & raisins, etc.

I also bring business cards and plenty of little Disney stuff to share with kids in line – stickers, aforementioned glow bracelets, pins, tiny toys, card games, etc.

The Chief Mouse uses the zipper pocket on his pin lanyard to hold his KTTW card, ID, and a single credit/debit card. Into his pocket go his cell phone, sunglasses, and any other little tidbit. If he needs to carry more or we’re going to be separated for any length of time, he actually whips out… the Disney World fanny pack! Yes, he goes there! The mini camcorder fits in there like a dream, as well as other things I’d normally carry for him.

Mia backpack

MiaMouse carries one of several mini backpacks that holds her snack bag, bandaids, pad of paper & colored pencils, book-of-the-day (or 3) ::sigh::, stickers, maps, autograph book & pen, camera, and anything else she can cram in there. I do NOT carry this for her – if she brings it, she totes it. By Day 3, the bag is usually a lot lighter!

What do YOU bring to the parks? Are you a ONE or a TWO?
- Kimberly