5 Tips for Traveling as a Herd

… or Preparing to Take a Large Group to Walt Disney World

family group at Disney World

So you’re thinking about taking the family to Walt Disney World for a long overdue vacation. Wouldn’t it be fun if Grandma and Grandpa came? How about the cousins so that Sally and Billy have someone to hang out with? If one set of grandparents come, then you need to invite the others too. Now your sister wants to come and bring her kids too… along with her mother-in-law. Pretty soon, your trip for 6 is a trip for 22!

Let’s look at 5 tips to make this trip as magical (and pain-free) as possible!

  1. Don’t panic! Your Mouse Tales Travel agent has done this a bazillion times and while it’s brand new for you, it’s not for us. We’ve got your back for all things big and small.

  2. Make your point: Someone needs to be in charge and it sounds like you’re it. While you’ll have to poll the masses and call in others for help, one person needs to be the contact for all things Disney.

  3. Pick a time: No one date or range of dates is going to be perfect for everyone. You can decide in a democratic fashion with majority rules or you can tell everyone when you’re going and they can come or not. Both work, one’s easier than the other. You pick.

  4. Pick a place: Just like there’s no perfect date, there’s no perfect resort either. We can help you with choosing different resorts for different people in the party or you can determine one resort that meets a majority of needs. (note – Disney’s Art of Animation makes it easy with both family suites and standard rooms in the same resort.)

  5. Together or separate? Spend some time thinking logistically (and sanity-wise) just how much time you want to spend together. Tour together the whole time or just the same park? Dine together every night or less frequently? From our personal experience, being apart and then coming together is a lot easier to manage than a mass of your own humanity trying to work its way through the rest of humanity.

It’s not going to be a piece of cake but it will be magical. Just work on these 5 tips and let your Mouse Tales Travel work their magic!
- Kimberly