10 Must-Pack Items for Your Disney Cruise

As our girls cruise gets closer and closer, my mind turns to packing. Okay, my mind is always on packing because I’m a wee bit obsessive about it! Over the years, we’ve found there are some things we just don’t want to do without and most of them are items… well… you might not think to bring, especially if you’re new to the WONDERful world of cruising.

girls cruise

A common vacation packing suggestion is to take half as many clothes and twice as much money as you have planned!  But there’s more to packing for your cruise than making sure you have enough clothes (and money). Here are 10 must-pack items for your Disney cruise:

  1. Nightlight: You’ll need a nightlight to help you find the bathroom at night. Trust me. Staterooms are dark! P.S. The bathroom door doesn’t stay open so leaving it ajar, like you would in a hotel room, doesn’t work.

  2. Big cup with lid: Disney Cruise Line’s free beverage station on the pool deck is open 24/7 and bringing your own larger cup (with lid) will allow you to make fewer visits to the aforementioned drink haven.

  3. Multi-port USB wall charger: Cameras… iPods… video cameras… iPad… laptop… We’re a plugged-in group and there are never enough plugs around when you need them. This will also help protect your electronics from power fluctuations. (DCL does not allow power strips/surge protectors)

  4. Over-the-door holder: Hangs over your closet bar and holds all of those things that mess up a stateroom, from your lanyard to sunscreen to ponytail holders to dollar bills for room service tips.

  5. Pop-up hamper: After one cruise with a pile of laundry tumbling out of the closet every time I opened the door, I was hooked on the hamper!

  6. Suction cup hooks: Great for hanging wet swimsuits in the shower. Yes, there’s a clothesline in there but the hooks are so much easier.

  7. Clothespins: Huh? Clothespins? Really? Yes, really! Take a few and use them to keep the privacy curtain shut and hold the porthole or verandah curtains closed during naps.

  8. Dry erase board: Use one with magnets on the back and hang it on the back of your stateroom door so you can leave messages for each other like “Headed to the spa!” or “Bingo at 6pm”

  9. Air freshener: Your choice of compact solid or small aerosol. Enough said.

  10. Ziploc bags: I never travel without several bags in different sizes. Snacks, tiny toys, etc. all corralled by a simple envelope of plastic with a zipper on top. Brilliance.


Disney Cruise Line Navigator App: While it's not a packed item per se, this little app will allow you to send messages to other members in your traveling party, look at the daily entertainment schedule, find Mickey, look at menus, and so on. It kinda replaces your paper Personal Navigator, though you'll still receive those nightly.

DCL Navigator App

Are you ready to set sail? 
- Kimberly