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Bob began MTT over 11 years ago as a bit of a side job, just because he loved Disney and had no intentions of running it as an income-producing business, though he always treated it as a real business. What's funny is his family told him for years he should become a TA and he poo-poo'ed the idea. oops.

His first clients were my photographer friends who were coming off busy season (Christmas card photo shoots) and didn't see their families for weeks so come January, they were ready! 

MTT took off and soon he asked me to come onboard full-time. I was photographing IHG properties for their website and then during the summer, running my beach/senior portrait business. I closed my photography business, started helping him out with the agency and working as an agent myself. 

As we grew, and I hit over $1 million in sales, we had to decide was I going to sell or run the agency? I love the agent support and coaching so I divvied up my clients among the team and the rest is history.

We run MTT with the help of our 16 year old homeschooled daughter, Mia who’s “The Mouse in Mouse Tales Travel” and that’s where our company name came from - her nickname.

We also have 2 grown sons - Drew’s 30 and Bryce is 28.


Bob, Kimberly, & Mia Hill