Why You Visit WDW in the Off-Season

If you’ve visited Walt Disney World during summer, spring break, or winter  holidays, no doubt you stood in a long line to see a character, get an autograph and a picture, and hopefully a few words before moving along to the next line.

This is Alice and MiaMouse in the tea garden at Epcot in the UK area  during the off-season. Notice the lack of lines… the lack of crowds… and the amount of time Alice was able to take with MiaMouse.

MiaMouse alice epcot tea garden autographsAlice showing MiaMouse she found herself in the autograph book


MiaMouse Alice epcot tea garden autographs mouse tales travelThe conversation continues as Alice signs MiaMouse’s book


MiaMouse alice epcot uk autographs mouse tales travelLook at them laugh!


miamouse alice in wonderland epcot uk autographs mouse tales travelNow Alice asks about Princess and MiaMouse shows her off, explaining the baby carrier & her pins too


miamouse alice epcot autographs mouse tales travel… and now the regular, everyday picture-with-a-character

Did I mention it’s usually cheaper to travel during off-season/value season?!?

Are you thinking “hmmm… that off-season idea sounds pretty good to me. How do I book it?” It’s easy! Send me an email at kimberly@mousetalestravel.com and we’ll get started!

– Kimberly

Setting the Date

Did you know that if you started your vacation at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn on January 2nd instead of January 1st you’d save $215? And that’s only a Standard View room!

In 2011, there were 6 seasons plus 9 holiday/special event price structures for Walt Disney World Resorts. 15 different sets of prices for the same Resort in a single calendar year! What does that mean for you? That means setting the date for your Disney vacation is the first step in getting the best value for your dollar! It also means it’s more crucial than ever to work with a professional travel planner who can help you select the right Resort and dates!

Most Expensive

Avoid these dates (in calendar order):

  • New Year’s Eve/Day
  • Disney’s Marathon Weekend (early January)
  • MLK Weekend
  • Presidents Weekend
  • mid-March/April (spring breaks throughout the country and into Easter)
  • July 4th
  • Columbus Day Weekend
  • Thanksgiving Week
  • Holiday – about 2 days before Christmas through New Year’s Day
contemporary bay lake tower ferry monorail mouse tales travelBay Lake Tower and the Contemporary Resort with the ferry and monorail!

Best Value

Look for availability during these times (in calendar order):

  • January and early February (except Marathon, MLK, and Presidents Weekends)
  • late August through the end of September
Slightly more expensive but often the weather and activities makes it worth it:
  • end of October through just before Christmas (except the week of Thanksgiving)

Staying over Friday and Saturday nights are more expensive at the Resorts so a Sunday-to-Friday stay is most economical. This doesn’t make a huge difference if you’re staying in Value Resort but can make a significant difference at a Deluxe or Deluxe Villa Resort, especially at the Club Level.

Port Orleans Riverside mouse tales travelPort Orleans Riverside

Are you ready to set YOUR date?

– Kimberly