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I consider myself a Disneyland extraordinaire. My mom took me on my first Disneyland trip when I was seven years old…and that started it all! I was officially obsessed with all things Disney.

Flash forward eleven years, when I turned eighteen, I was now legally allowed to venture off on my own Disney trips whenever I pleased. I had a job, my own money, my own car, and every chance I could, I would head to Anaheim for a weekend Disneyland excursion….dragging any friend that could join me.

At the age of twenty-six, I gave birth to my first son, Colton. Now, I had every excuse to visit Disneyland…a child! His first trip, he was three months old. Okay, so it was more for me…but it sure made for some fabulous memories, and wonderful scrapbooking. Colton is now nine, and could personally escort any guest through the Disneyland park. He loves going there, as much as his mom.

I also have boy/girl twins, that are now five. They too are Disneyland experts. They have a giant Disneyland park map that they pull out frequently to plan their next trip. We actually had to purchase a second map, and had it laminated, so it would withstand all the use! I love it…future travel agents for sure.

I am pretty sure, I am Disney's number one customer. I own every Disney movie, and my house is also full of 'Disney swag'! My kids and I have truly made our home, the second 'happiest place on earth". We just can't get enough Disney!

How I came to work for Mouse Tales Travel you ask? I couldn't have thought of a better occupation, then to help families plan their magical Disney vacations! Hearing the excitement in my clients' voices as we discuss their vacation plans, makes me smile…because I know that they are about to have the time of their lives, and they are trusting me to help create that for them. I love spreading my wealth of Disney knowledge, and now I am earning an income for myself and my three mini Disney fans. It's the perfect career for me!

I would love to help you plan your next ENCHANTED ESCAPADE. As a Disney Destinations Vacation Planner, I will help you and your family create magical memories that will last a lifetime!

Travel Specialty: Families of Any Size! Families with Special Needs, Multi-Family Vacations, Wedding - Honeymoons - Anniversaries, and Family Reunions

My Travel Experience: Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Jamaica, Mexico, Las Vegas, Western US, Canada, Alaska, and Cruises

Destination Expert: Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort


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Jill Frazer, vacation planner