DIY: Olaf Shirt

by MTT Keri, Keri Reyes

Frozen has taken over my house. My kids just can’t get enough. We listen to the soundtrack or watch the movie at least once a day. Can we say obsessed? The biggest problem we’ve had is finding Frozen merchandise. My daughter has been dying for any Olaf or Elsa items. My mom was lucky enough to snag an Elsa doll for her for Easter so all we needed was something Olaf! Since we haven’t been able to find anything I decided to take on the task myself and make a shirt! Here’s how…


The supplies:

  • White T-shirt
  • Fabric Paint in Black, Orange and white. (If you choose to write on the shirt pick which colors you like. I used Blazin’ Blue and the Neon Orange)
  • Pencil
  • Stencil of Olaf

Step one: Trace Olaf’s face on to the shirt. 

Slide the cut out of Olaf’s face under into the shirt and trace away! 


Step two: Start to paint his face.

Practice with the paint on a napkin by drawing a line or two. This will help you know how hard or soft you have to squeeze so you don’t get any splatter marks.

I started on the inside and worked my way out. If you do it this way you don’t have to worry about dragging your hand through paint and smudging it. 




Step three (optional):  Write on the shirt

When I was done with Olaf’s face my daughter said she really wanted it to say “do you want to build a snowman” OR “I like warm hugs.” I decided “I Like warm hugs” Would probably be best for this shirt… Maybe another one is in my future ;)

Olaf finished shirt

The paint suggests letting the shirt dry for at least 4 hours and 72 hours before the first wash.

The total time was about a half hour and it was super easy. It was inexpensive and my daughter LOVES it. I’m going to make another for my son and give Elsa a shot. Who’s your favorite Frozen Character?

– Keri

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What to Wear to Disney World: Spring Edition

by MTT Melissa, Melissa Salinas

So, you booked your spring vacation to Walt Disney World. Now, it’s time for all the final details: Uncle George is watching the house & the fur-babies, mail has been stopped, wrote all your lists, what now? You have to start packing. But what to pack?!

The weather in Orlando in March, April and May can be very tricky. Highs during the day of 90 or a low of 40 at night, throw some thunderstorms in there too and packing can be just downright confusing. Where to start, right?!

mickey-crocsI always start with my shoes. I pack a great pair of sneakers that have already been worn a few times. Although I know you are tempted: DO NOT BRING YOUR BRAND NEW OUT OF THE BOX SNEAKERS. I have learned the hard way with sore feet and painful blisters. Let’s face it you do A LOT of walking in Disney no matter what your vacation is going to entail. Socks are important too so do make sure you have used the brand you will use for your vacation.

My next pair of shoes are flip flops to dress up my cute short outfit or my pretty sundress for dinner that night. Lastly, I recommend water shoes or as I wear Crocs (Yes I have them and wear them! So comfy.). Even if you are not hitting the water park, you may need them for that brisk walk to the beautiful pool at your resort.

Now onto clothes. You have your must haves and “knowns” like your bathing suit, shorts, etc.  One thing is for sure, whether its day or night, I say to THINK comfortable. Cottons are a must and sometimes so are layers. I always pack a few cotton T-Shirts and at least one zip-up hoodie sweatshirt and for spring I throw my blue jean jacket in there, too. They are the easiest to layer with and can worn with different wardrobe choices. Plan on packing your favorite ball cap for those days your hair has called it quits. I bring a sunhat, too and it tends to match all my outfits.

For evenings, I pack two sundresses with a sweater or cardigan and maybe a nicer outfit with a skirt for signature restaurants. I recommend one pair of jeans for those brisk evenings at the parks.


Spring is a beautiful time to visit Walt Disney World and I firmly believe to really be able to enjoy yourself my favorite word is: Comfortable.

And DON’T FORGET the rain ponchos!

– Melissa

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Should You Rent a Car for Your Southern California Visit?

by MTT Nancy, Nancy Julian

There is so much to do in the area of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, you might decide on renting a car to explore the area. But should you?


Disney makes it easy for you to venture off site. There is an Alamo car rental office in Downtown Disney, so renting and dropping off right there is simple. Consider, however, the rental and gas cost and the stress of southern California driving, plus the hassle and cost of parking where you decide to go.

There are several viable options to explore southern California and leave the hassle of it all to someone else.


First, did you know that your travel agent can handle all of this directly through Disney? There are options to add full off site experiences, or transportation only, to your Disney vacation booking. There are many options to go to places such as Universal, Sea World, Knott’s Berry farm, Universal Studios, San Diego Zoo and so much more. As an example, a day trip to Universal Studios, including transportation and ticket, comes in at $110.00 per person.  Considering that a 1 day ticket at Universal runs $84.00, your transportation cost is pretty reasonable. You can also utilize this service for transportation only, if you happen to find a great deal on tickets.

Other options are to use a tour company. Two reputable and well known ones are All Anaheim Tours, and Grayline. These companies also offer options that include tickets or just transportation.

Sample pricing:

All Anaheim: Sea World package, $99.00 per person (a one day Sea World San Diego ticket is currently $84.00)

Grayline: Universal Studios package, $100.00 per person.

We used All Anaheim for a recent trip to Sea World. We were picked up promptly at our hotel, then picked up passengers at several other locations and then were all dropped off in a big garage type place where we were shuffled off to other busses depending on where we were heading. This was a bit confusing as they didn’t have enough staff in their tiny office to handle this, and it wasn’t clear exactly how to go about getting on your proper bus. We arrived at Sea World right at opening, the drive was pleasant and the driver did some talking about the area. At the end of the day, we all gathered at the pickup place at the time appointed, but the bus was pretty late. I understand traffic, but it was a bit of a problem keeping the nine kids in our party occupied while waiting on the sidewalk outside the park. On the drive back a Disney movie was played. There was some confusion about where we were to be dropped off, but were finally let out at our hotel. Overall, this was a fine experience and I’d do it again.

The main negative of taking a tour bus is that you have a set time to come and go. If you want freedom of when you arrive and when you leave, then you would most likely want to rent a car. If driving in heavy traffic and figuring out your own way to get places is not stressful for you, then you might still consider a car rental. However, taking a tour bus is quite economical…certainly cheaper than the cost of renting a car, buying gas and paying for parking, so if you can handle the schedule limitations then a tour bus is a great option.

– Nancy

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5 Steps to Stress-Free Packing with Kids

by MTT Shannon, Shannon Poucher

So your trip is a few weeks away and you start to panic because you realize you have to… PACK ALL THE STUFF! Don’t worry, I have a system that I have used several times now and it works beautifully. Best of all, it’s easy and VERY organized. Ready to get started packing? Here we go!

First you will need a few supplies you may not already have:

  • 2 gallon zip lock bags- 1 for each day of your trip (don’t forget the day you come home & and an extras one)
  • Sharpie


Once you have those, gather together all the “stuff” you want to pack to take with you. Remember things like hair bows & extra socks. Write each day of the week on the bags, before you have clothes in them ;) I can pack a 7 day vacation in ONE large suitcase for a family of 4 using this method so don’t get discouraged as you look at the large pile of clothes and accessories you have gathered!


Next you are going to want to split the clothes into days for each child, check the weather forecast for your trip and try to plan each day as best you can.


Then you are going to put EVERYTHING you will need for each child into the same bag, under garments, socks, clothes, hair bow that matches, etc. Seal most of the way and then push out all the air and seal completely. It should look fairly flat.


Lay these in your suitcase or stack them in rows (whichever fits better).

Once you get there, unpack the days into the drawers and now the kids can find the bag for the day and get dressed without looking through the whole suitcase! Best part? YOU HAVE EXTRA TIME getting ready because you aren’t hunting for their things each day… wow, now it’s a VACATION for you too! =)

Extra tip: If headed to a tropic, rainy location (like Florida), pack a disposable poncho for EACH person for EACH day. They are less than $1 each and it’s really nice to be able to throw them away once the rain stops! ;)

Happy Packing and Have a Great Vacation!

– Shannon

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Harry Potter Luggage Tags

by MTT Nancy, Nancy Julian

I started off with sturdy 4×6” chipboard tags. I then covered front and back with Harry Potter themed scrapbook paper, leaving the tag curvy part at the top in its natural tan state.


For the collage pieces, I rounded up some Harry Potter stickers, then put them on the copier section of my printer. I then copied them in color on cardstock. After carefully cutting out, I designed the front of the tag, glued down and then put on a coat or two of Mod Podge.




For the back of the tag, where you would write your information, I made a square with some lines on my computer using Publisher (Word or other programs would be easy also), then printed out on tan cardstock. I then put a scrapbooking frame around it and added a couple of the cut outs, then coated with Mod Podge.


Attach to your suitcase with a hoop clip, leather strap or braided ribbon and you’re ready to head to Universal Orlando Florida.

– Nancy

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