Sleeping Beauty Movie Night


by MTT Nancy, Nancy Julian Maleficent is coming! It’s time to brush up on the traditional lore of the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty, before you see her side of the story. Good or Evil? Pink or Blue? It’s a night of choices. As guests arrive they pick a side. Would they like a Princess Aurora crown or Maleficent […]

Movie Night: Mary Poppins


by MTT Nancy, Nancy Julian Has Saving Mr. Banks renewed your interest in the classic Disney movie Mary Poppins? Invite friends and family over to celebrate this film with a tea party based movie night. As guests arrive have them decorate your sidewalk or porch with their chalk drawings masterpieces. To further get in the mood they can make […]

Sunday Share: Loki is a Disney Prince


  Huh. Who knew? – Kimberly Get a quote from Kimberly Queen of all she surveys, you’ll find Kimberly booking fabulous vacations for her clients while managing the greatest travel planner team ever assembled. You can reach her at (preferred) or 843.606.0687. You’ll also find her on Pinterest and Facebook as the face of MTT.

Sunday Share: FROZEN’s “In Summer”


Oh, Olaf… how we love you… and how very much like MiaMouse you are! – Kimberly  

Sunday Share: FROZEN’s “Let It Go”


Whispers swirling that FROZEN will be Disney’s next musical headed to Broadway. With all main characters voiced by Broadway veterans and the score composed by Christophe Beck, could be…. My favorite song, sung by one of my favorite performers, Idina Menzel. (WICKED, anyone?)   – Kimberly

New Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Leibovitz

disney dreams portraits annie liebovitz captain hook russell brand mouse tales travel

I flat out ADORE the Disney Dream Portraits series by Annie Leibovitz – as a matter of fact, I have an entire board dedicated to them at Pinterest. You can imagine how thrilled I was to see this teaser on the Disney Parks blog with the caption – “Where wickedly good times await”: OH YES! […]

Where’s My Perry? Game Review

where's my perry agent p evan cline mtt evan mouse tales travel

by Evan Cline, MTT Evan In my last review of Temple Run Brave, I reviewed a Disney version of a game that I was already a fan of. With the release of Where’s My Perry, a remake of Where’s My Water, I’m playing the Disney Mobile version before playing the original. I downloaded Where’s my […]

Temple Run Brave Review

temple run brave disney imangi merida mordu evan cline mtt evan mouse tales travel

by Evan Cline, MTT Evan Two things that I love are Disney and playing on my iPhone, so when I heard Imangi Studios and Disney Mobile released a Disney Brave edition to Temple Run, I knew that it was a purchase that I had to make. For full disclosure, Temple Run is one of my […]

Temple Run – BRAVE version

temple run brave imangi studios mouse tales travel

If you’re anything like our MiaMouse, Temple Run is your addictive game of choice. Sure, “Where’s My Water?” is fun and Chompy’s awfully cute but these days any time she’s free to play a video game, she’s on Temple Run. Lo and behold, apparently MiaMouse isn’t the only Temple Run fan as Disney*Pixar & Imangi […]

Get BRAVE with Adventures by Disney

adventures by disney scotland brave mouse tales travel

Step out of the movie theater and become immersed in the world of “Brave” with the first-ever Pixar-inspired Adventures by Disney® itinerary, Scotland: A Brave Adventure. This 8-night quest through Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye, the Isle of Lewis and Inverness takes your family through the rugged Highlands, and allows you to experience Scotland’s history, culture, […]