What Not to Wear: Teen Cruise Edition

MTT welcomes back Ashley, the daughter of MTT Glynis, to share her thoughts on teen dress for Disney Cruise Line. Meet Ashley: I am an 18 year old Freshman in college majoring in Vocal Performance, and I dream of one day performing on stage with Disney Cruise Line.  I have always loved Disney movies and when I went to Walt Disney World for the first time, at the age of 12, it was so magical because all those movies I had seen, were finally coming to life right before my eyes.  I love watching other children’s eyes light up with the same amazement when they first experience the Disney magic at the parks and on a Disney Cruise.  My favorite Disney princess is Aurora because she is a classic.


Knowing what to wear on a cruise for a teenager can be the make it or break it point of the cruise. No teen wants to be the one strolling into Vibe looking a total wreck the first night and everyone makes fun of them, but no teen wants to automatically have others thinking they are a snob because of how nice they dress. I am here to help guide your teen in the process of figuring out what clothes to bring on your family’s Disney cruise.

The first night in Vibe is when your teen will have the opportunity to meet the people they will be hanging out with for the rest of the cruise. I recommend that night dressing fairly casual. For girls I recommend a pair of capri’s or shorts with some type of shirt. For guys you can never go wrong with a polo and shorts….and when I say shorts I mean decent shorts, not gym shorts.


The rest of the time on the cruise during the day I would wear just about anything. I personally enjoyed wearing Nike shorts and a v-neck or tank top. Guys normally wore some kind of gym shorts and t-shirt or tank top as well. On the Dream and Fantasy, Vibe has their own pool area, so it’s always good to bring your swimsuit and a change of clothes. I would also suggest to girls that they at least bring a large t-shirt for walking to and from the water area, modesty is never a bad thing.

Evening time is when your teen will be able to go to shows and dinner. During most of the cruise they suggest cruise casual. Casual does NOT mean gym shorts and t-shirts.

Guys: I recommend khaki shorts or pants and a button up or polo style shirt.

Girls: Capri’s and a nice top, sun dress, or maxi dress


One night on the cruise is the formal night where you will have the opportunity to dress a little nicer. You can choose to continue to dress in the same cruise casual as you have the rest of the cruise, or you can dress nicer.

Guys: I have seen some guys wear suits, so if that’s what makes you happy go for it. I would definitely say nothing less than khaki pants and a polo.

Girls: If you are anything like me you love dressing up and would want to wear your prom dress if you could. That is totally fine. I recommend a cocktail dress or homecoming style dress. Basically just something a little nicer.


These suggestions do not mean bring three suitcases full of your entire wardrobe. Laundry services are available, so I recommend bringing a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts, your necessary undergarments, swimsuits, and whatever you plan on wearing for dinner time.  Following these tips will help your teen have an enjoyable cruise while also looking good.

– Ashley

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Disney Vera Bradley – finally!

by MTT Kylie, Kylie Clay

Are you a Vera Bradley fan? Do you love Disney? Then a must have on your Christmas list this year is the new Disney Vera Bradley collection. Vera Bradley is well known for their handbags and travel accessories. I personally have numerous Vera Bradley Bags including a rolling carry on bag that I just love. Vera’s Disney collection includes two lines at the parks, Just Mousing Around and Midnight with Mickey. Disney Cruise Line joined the fun with its own Vera line too.




If you are a Vera fan, then one of the new Disney collections could be a perfect fit for you. The Vera collection for the parks comes in 8 different styles in the two prints. I love a make-up bag and large duffel bag for travel. The hipster in any Vera print is a great parks bag for those with little ones. You can put a couple of diapers and small pack of wipes in your purse and go leaving your big diaper bag with the stroller. The tote is a great carry-on bag for the plane or a very stylish diaper bag. The small cross body is great for the teenage group or adult with older children/adults only trip. If your are a backpack fan Vera has you covered.

The new collection is Hidden Mickeys.

Disney-vera-hidden-mickey-MTT Disney-Vera-Hidden-Mickey-MTT-2

Vera makes a great parks bag and if your bag gets a little dirty you can just throw it in the wash. You can find the perfect Vera for you at Disney World, Disneyland, or online at Disneystore.com

– Kylie

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Disney Harvey Bags – Made in the USA

by MTT Kylie, Kylie Clay

Yes, I do love a good purse or two. Ok, so for all that know me, they know I am a little in love with purses. I don’t like to think of myself as a brand snob, but I do have a few favorites.


I truly do love Disney and like to add a little Disney flare to my style. Almost three years ago I found Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags. It was like a match made in heaven. Disney inspired handbags made out of seatbelts right here in the good ol’ USA.

Harvey’s have several Disney lines. I personally have the Minnie Lola, Minnie Backpack, Minnie wallet, Nightmare Before Christmas weekender and ring tote, Mickey Loves Minnie clutch, Steamboat Willie tote, and Disney Minnie coin purse. I have a few more in my sights, like a Snow White ring tote and Mickey large boat tote. My daughter has the Barbie All Dolled Up large boat tote that she uses when she goes to Nana’s house.


Why do I love Harvey’s bags? I love that they are a Made in the USA company. I love that they are heavy duty bag that are made to last. Most of all I love that when your bag gets a little dirty, you can send it to the spa. That’s right they will clean her up for you for a small fee.


Harvey’s has a line for all. My husband has an e-reader cover and a camo wallet. He is a car guy so he likes his manly wallet.


Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags can be a little on the heavy side. Harvey’s have a line of bags that are weaved pattern aka heavy and non weaved pattern (much lighter). Backpack/Daypack or cross body styles are great for the parks. Lola line is a fancy line that can add fun to any outfit. Medium totes are great for everyday use. Large boat totes are great for a overnighter for adults and weekender for children. Barbie line could be the perfect accessory for a Barbie Dream Cruise on Royal Caribbean. If you are a Disney fan, you really cannot go wrong with the Disney line.


Check out Harvey’s at www.seatbeltbags.com and find a bag that fits your style.

– Kylie

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Disney LeSportsac Purses

by MTT Kylie, Kylie Clay

It’s MTT Kylie, aka the purse lady, at it again. MTT Kimberly (Boss Lady) introduced me to my new and latest obsession back when I was a client of hers. If you know Kimberly, you know she is a LeSportsac fan. I finally gave in when the newest of the It’s a Small World line came out. I just could not say no to those cute little girls in grass skirts.

So what is LeSportsac? LeSportsac is a fun, light weight, and durable bag that can add interest to any outfit. As a Disney fan, of course I had to go for the It’s a Small World collection. I ordered the mini backpack in Polynesian Paradise. I like a small bag for the parks and my spoiled little princess likes when she can carry one of mommy’s bags too.


So why do I love LeSportsac so much? LeSportsac is a super light weight bag. It is important to me when I am walking around for miles a day in the park not to have a 20 pound bag strapped to me. LeSportsac bags have plenty of pockets to stay organized without the added weight of other brands. The most added benefit to me is the fun designs. LeSportsac bags come in many colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.


If you are looking for a perfect lightweight bag check out LeSportsac.com. Make sure to like LeSportsac on facebook for latest updates and coupon codes.

– Kylie

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Disney Dooney Oh My!

by MTT Kylie, Kylie Clay

One of my favorite things about going to Disney World is shopping. I love everything Disney. My favorite thing to shop for is a new Dooney & Bourke purse. With so many different styles and prints, it is so hard to decide on my favorite.

My Dooney addiction started on our 2009 trip to Disney World. I fell head over heels for the sketch print. Since it was December, I hinted to the hubby aka Prince Charming that Santa needed to bring mommy a Dooney. Since that Christmas I have added many new Disney Dooney & Bourke purses to my growing collection.


I am frequently asked, “what is it about these purses you like so much?” Without going on and on like a crazy women, I will tell you exactly what I love and you will love about the Disney Dooney & Bourke collection.

First thing is quality. This line of purses are made to last. Most of the purses in the collection are made of leather. A few are made of canvas material. So much attention
paid to the small details of the purse.


Second, no two bags are the same. From the way the leather/fabric is cut, no two bags have the exact same design in the same place. This is especially true with the sketch print. I own 4 different bags with the sketch print and each are different.

Third is the fun factor. I love that the purses are fun, yet mature. With so many different prints you can find one or more that fits your purse-onality best. Sketch is fun, and has many Disney classics. Retro is a very old world look with attractions that the young at heart remember as favorites. Charms is very girlie with its charm bracelet look that pops against the white or black backdrop. Buttons is a fun mix of old and new. One of my favorites is the Minnie Bows. I have this one in black and it is stunning. This is more for the subtle Disney fan, because it does not scream Disney from a mile away. I like to think of it as my grown up bag.


Fourth and lastly, I love the style of purse. I am not talking about the fun prints on the outside, but more the over all shape of the bags and size. The large tote made the perfect diaper bag for my princess. The medium totes are great purses/day bags. The cross body is awesome hands free bag for the parks. The wristlets are are great size for a night out. My wristlets hold my DL, credit cards/debit card, and iPhone perfect.

With so many sizes and patterns I am sure that there is a Disney Dooney for you. I wish you happy shopping at the happiest place on earth and may the force be with you to find your perfect Disney Dooney.

– Kylie

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