Adventures by Disney: FROZEN

by MTT Amy, Amy Kramer

By now you have probably seen the new Disney movie, Frozen, and like my family, you have fallen in love with not just the story, but also the scenery.  With Adventures by Disney, you can experience the majesty of Norway and see the beautiful landscape that inspired the movie.


During this 7-night excursion you will visit Bergen, Flåm, Geiranger and Oslo.  Your adventure begins with a visit to a storybook village that inspired the kingdom of Arendelle, the home of Anna and Elsa in Disney’s Frozen. If just visiting the inspiration for the kingdom of Arendelle isn’t enough for you, you can whirl around like a local while learning traditional Norwegian folk dancing.  You will also trek through the Scandinavian region meeting local storytellers, fishermen and farmers as you go.  For a little extra adventure, float along one of Norway’s gorgeous rivers taking in the landscape’s natural beauty and wonder.  Get a close-up look at wooden masterpieces in the Stave Churches as you take in Norway’s rich history.


Adventures by Disney Itineraries are known for their authentic hands-on activities and your adventures in Norway will provide just that.  Enjoy traditional Norwegin foods, spend time relaxing on Lake Loen by fishing for Rainbow Trout or just rowing across the crystal-clear water, enjoy hands on experiences at a local farm, and so much more.


Don’t forget about the Junior Adventures in your family.  Children are given special experinces just for them while Adults relax and unwind.  Special dining experiences and Pancake dessert making provide Junior Adventures will extra special memories.


Norway: Fjords, Bergen & Oslo: an epic adventure across the stunning lands of Norway.  Start your adventure today!

– Amy

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Adventures by Disney Backstage Magic: The Jim Henson Company

by MTT Kimberly P, Kimberly Przybyl
3rd in the series – 1st article HERE and 2nd article HERE
We were in for a treat for our next stop – THE JIM HENSON COMPANY!
We were greeted by Kermit – dressed like Charlie Chaplin waiting for us on top of the Charlie Chaplin Door.  The Henson Studios are located in the original Charlie Chaplin Studios.  They have kept the integrity of the Charlie Chaplin Studios in place to this day.  You can even see where Chaplin signed his name in the concrete path.
Our group split into two groups and while one group was in the Creature Shop (seeing how they tape shows/movies with the Muppets, seeing the original Baby Dinosaur from the show Dinosaurs and Sid the Science Kid), the other group went to a mini-movie theatre and watched a movie about the Chaplin Studios and Henson Studios.  It was an awesome movie giving us a lot of the history behind the buildings.
Each group was also taken into the Studio’s conference room for an extra special treat.  They have a mural with all of the Muppets in it like they are watching a show.  We all were playing “Guess How Many Muppets You Can Name” game.
Once our groups were finished (and we visited the Miss Piggy and Kermit bathrooms), we had a lunch catered on the grounds.  (We had all put in our lunch orders the day before).  We were able to walk around and even go check out the Emmys that the Henson Studios had won for their work.
We were also shown Charlie Chaplin’s film vault.  During Chaplin’s time, all film was EXTREMELY flammable.  It had to be kept in an air tight vault away from the offices and the studios in case of fire.  Henson had kept Chaplin’s vault intact.  What a wonderful piece of Hollywood history!
It was back on the bus for an extra special treat!  I won’t spoil where we went next.  Adventures by Disney always adds in special treats in their itineraries that are not on the main agenda.  This is always a favorite part of the trip for us as it’s always a surprise and always absolutely wonderful!  I will say this – our next stop held a great piece of Disney History in it and we got to touch and see things that belonged to Walt.  If you love trains – you will LOVE this stop!
Our night was on our own.  We went to a great restaurant near our hotel and all went to bed a little early.  We had three BUSY days ahead and we didn’t want to miss a thing!
Our next morning was a “move” day.  We were switching hotels to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland.  We had several stops first to make.  While we had Breakfast that morning, our luggage magically disappeared from our room and was loaded on to the bus without us having to touch it.  I could get used to this kind of travel!

– Kimberly P.

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Adventures by Disney Backstage Magic Trip

by MTT Kimberly P, Kimberly Przybyl

2nd in the series – 1st article HERE

Note: ABD changes the itineraries of these trips fairly frequently.  Things that we might have seen may not be on the next trip – but I will promise you one thing – all ABD trips are AWESOME Adventures!  If something is taken out of a trip plan, then something better is added!

We flew in the day before our Backstage Magic trip was to start.  We wanted to get acclimated to the time change from East Coast Time to West Coast Time and wanted to do some walking around ourselves.


 The first official day of our ABD Adventure included meeting up with our two Adventure Guides and placing a lunch order for the next day.  We were then on our own until dinnertime.  We spent the day sight seeing and did the tour of Grumman’s Chinese Theatre.


Our welcome dinner was in our hotel – the Renaissance.  Did I mention that our hotel was the hotel to all the stars for the Academy Awards??  So cool!  We all had our picture taken and received our lanyards and nametags.  Before dinner could start, we had a Disney Trivia Game Show. It was a blast!  Matt won a great Disneyland Photo Album.  We all spent time introducing ourselves and learning what things everyone wanted to see on our trip as well has enjoying a yummy dinner.  We were getting more and more excited for the next day to start!


We did learn there were some exciting things ahead waiting around every corner for the next few days and everyone was thrilled.  The adults thought we were all more excited than the kids were!



The next morning started out with an early breakfast at the Disney Soda Shop (now the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop and Disney Studio Store) across the street and next to the El Capitan Theatre (which Disney owns and has refurbished).  We enjoyed Mickey Waffles and yummy breakfast treats while we had another trivia contest.  After breakfast we all had to shop!


Once we finished eating and shopping (two of my favorite things) we took a tour of the El Capitan.  We were treated to the pre-movie organ and curtain show.  Then we were escorted up onto the for a back stage tour. Next it was upstairs to see a lot of pictures and memorabilia from the history of this great theatre…..we were off shortly for next stop…..where will we head next????

– Kimberly P.

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How to Choose the Perfect Adventures by Disney Trip for Your Family

by MTT Kimberly P, Kimberly Przybyl

Once our family heard about Adventures by Disney we definitely wanted to go on an Adventure! We just needed to decide which one to do first. We loved the European locations – Germany, London and Paris, Ireland and China. We loved the American Ones – Spirit of America, Alaska, Wyoming and Southern California (Back Stage Magic). We tossed and turned over our decision… it was such a hard decision to make!


Our decision became easy to make as time went on… Tom and I decided our tenth anniversary trip would be to Disneyland. We knew it would not be a couple only trip, our nine year old, at that time, would be going along. It would be our first time traveling to Disneyland and we wanted to make the most of the trip. We made reservations and booked our stay at the Paradise Pier Hotel at the Disneyland Resort. We even planned a special Anniversary Dinner. Things were set! Or so we thought!


I woke up in the middle of the night one night about four months before we were to leave. My mind was racing….. I think we could do something even more special. I thought long and hard, searched the internet and crunched some numbers. I quickly realized we could do the Adventures by Disney Backstage Magic trip instead of just going to the parks. The next morning, phone calls were made, one reservation canceled and another reservation placed with Adventures by Disney. We couldn’t wait to board our plane and head to California!

Our family is a group of Disney geeks! We are! It was an easy decision for us to pick the Backstage Magic Adventure as our first Adventure! Originally, we were content with just going to the parks – but our Adventure opened up a whole new world for us. We were going to be able to do and see so much more than we could planning everything ourselves. Our heads were spinning with the possibilities of where our Adventure would take us. We couldn’t wait! There were three of us not sleeping the night before we boarded the plane to head west! Adventures by Disney takes the planning part and makes the trip SO easy! Our family does not want to travel any other way! More about our Backstage Magic trip coming up soon in another blog post!


Several things to note about Adventures by Disney –

1) 2 Guides for every forty guests on the Adventures! This is AWESOME! They do everything for you! You sit back and relax and enjoy the Adventure with no headaches!

2) They pick you and your luggage up at the airport and take you to your hotel and deliver you back to the airport with your luggage at the end of your Adventure. If you switch hotels during your stay – your luggage magically moves for you!

3) Front of the line and VIP access to many points of interest! This is the best part!! No waiting in line!

4) VIP access to places the public does not normally get access to. This part is PRICELESS!

5) Just because this is Disney do not expect characters everywhere you go. The Disney part of the Adventures is the story-telling. Disney wraps each Adventures in a wonderful story. You learn the stories of the area you go to


We advise you pick a location where you always wanted to go and then book your Adventure! Adventures by Disney is the best way to see any location!

Where will you go with Adventures by Disney???

– Kimberly P.

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Get BRAVE with Adventures by Disney

Step out of the movie theater and become immersed in the world of “Brave” with the first-ever Pixar-inspired Adventures by Disney® itinerary, Scotland: A Brave Adventure.

adventures by disney scotland brave mouse tales travel

This 8-night quest through Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye, the Isle of Lewis and Inverness takes your family through the rugged Highlands, and allows you to experience Scotland’s history, culture, nature, legends and lore firsthand. Plus, you’ll visit some of the incredible sights that inspired “Brave” – creating a Scotland experience that could only come from Disney.

The Scottish Highlands will come to life for your family through authentic hands-on activities – a hallmark of Adventures by Disney itineraries. Guests will partake in traditional highland games, make Scottish pastries, horseback ride through the Caledonian Forest, practice archery at Edinburgh’s Glamis Castle and learn the art of tapestry-making at Dovecot Studios.

In addition, your family will visit Scotland’s most treasured historical sites – including Eilean Donan and Edinburgh Castles, the ancient Callanish Standing Stones and Dun Carloway Broch on the Isle of Lewis. And, no visit to Scotland is complete without a trip to Loch Ness, where Guests will set off on a canoe expedition to search for “Nessie.”

adventures by disney scotland brave josh d'amaro mouse tales travel


Scotland: A Brave Adventure combines the stories of Scotland with the magic of “Brave” for an unforgettable family vacation of a lifetime. See for yourself!


The Chief Mouse and I had the opportunity to meet Josh D’Amaro just a couple of months ago at the EarMarked Conference for select Authorized Disney Vacation Planners and were wow’ed by his passion for family and travel and the lifelong memories created by experiences like Adventures by Disney. I can’t imagine anyone better to be at the helm of this exciting Disney vacation destinations – or in this case, destinationS!

Request your Adventures by Disney vacation quote here or contact us at 843.606.0687 for more information about Scotland: A Brave Adventure or any Adventures by Disney vacation experience!

– Kimberly