Looking For Something Sweet at WDW?

by MTT Jody, Jody Clair

Hello, my name is Jody and I… am a sugar junkie. If there is a sweet within 10 paces, I bet you I will be sampling it. Here are a few of my favorites and where you can get them at WDW.

There were two stand out cupcakes at Be Our Guest Restaurant located in The Beast’s Castle in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom. The Triple Chocolate Cupcake was total chocolate overload, if you need a chocolate fix this is the way to go. Then the kids loved The Master’s Cupcake. It has a cookies and cream filling surrounded by super moist cake and topped with cookies and cream frosting.



The Boardwalk Bakery, located at The Boardwalk Resort, has many desserts to choose from. The two that we sampled and loved were the Cookies and Cream Mickey Cupcake and The Strawberry Delight Cupcake. These are both oversized, filled cakes that are large enough to share. The strawberry filling with sponge cake was heavenly.




At the Goofy’s Candy Shop in Downtown Disney you can find every shape Rice Crispy Treat you can imagine, some even have frosting. This one is actually big enough to serve for a birthday cake.


At Typhoon Lagoon, there is a sweet treat well worth your sugar points for the day. Mini doughnuts drizzled with chocolate sauce. Simple? Yes. Hot, soft, sweet and leave you wanting more? You bet!


We went to Downtown Disney’s Qwest, video game heaven while there. They have a really nice selection of desserts at the lunch counter. There were three that stood out. For a lighter dessert, try the Strawberry Vanilla Parfait. Sweet, but not over the top. The Halloween Cupcake (seasonal) was tasty with a chocolate cake and orange cream filling. The Chocolate Rose Cupcake was beautiful to look at and just as yummy to eat. Chocolate cake, peanut butter filling and chocolate frosting with a chocolate curt rose on top.






Sometimes, you may even see wonderful artwork with your dessert. At Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, located on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom I was served an edible image of Lady and The Tramp with my Chef’s Signature Cheesecake.


I saved my favorite choices from this trip for last. At The Sci-Fi Drive In Theater located in Hollywood Studio’s, they had 2 desserts that were amazing. The first was a House Made Sci-Fi Candy Bar. White and dark chocolate mousse in between sponge cake dipped in a wonderful chocolate ganache topped with crispy pearls.



The second was Out of This World Turtle Cheesecake: thick, rich cheesecake topped with Heath Bar, pecans, chocolate chips, and caramel sauce then finished with a caramel rice crispy crust….yum!


If you get a chance to enjoy these or other desserts while on vacation, please share on my Facebook page. I am always looking to find new sweets to try.- Jody

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