Photos and Kids and Characters OH MY!

by MTT Aimee, Aimee Best

Dreaming of that perfect photo of your child with their most loved character? This can be a challenge at times. All kids are different, but you can be sure at one time or another they will NOT want to pose for that picture. It may be your toddler with a fear of that life sized character or your teen who feels “too cool”. So what is a parent to do?

Here are a few tips and tricks to make character photos easier:
  • Talk in advance about how BIG the characters are going to be. Reinforce the idea that they are not real, it’s just a regular person in a big fluffy costume.
  • Take them to local malls to watch other kids as they interact (positively) with the Easter Bunny or Santa.
  • Attend a local sporting event and introduce them to the mascot.
  • Position older “braver” siblings between them and the character.
  • Include the whole family in the picture. Safety in numbers!
  • Take advantage of people characters, they are often less threatening then costume characters.
  • Set up your camera to take rapid shots. You don’t want to miss that perfect moment.
  • Be patient. Let the child decide which character he or she wants to meet.

Wishing you the most magical moments!

– Aimee

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