Free Tours at Boma and Jiko

by MTT Jody, Jody Clair

I have always wondered if I would enjoy the food at the two main restaurants in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. My teenage kids are not as open as I am and my husband is not an adventurous eater either. I recently learned that Boma -Flavors of Africa and Jiko – The Cooking Place offer a free 30 to 40 minute tour. My friend and I decided to take the tour without kids and hubbies to check it out.


When we arrived it was very quiet, since the tour is at 4pm each day right before dinner service begins. Our tour guide offered us a trading card with his name and a map of where in Africa he is from. We then walked through the dining room of Boma as he pointed out all the things that Disney has added to make it as real an African experience as possible. Small things like using African coins as decorations on the short walls, to big things like 3 head tables, that in Africa the prince or princess would sit at, so the 1st three families of four get that royal treatment. We then were introduced to an appetizer soup and a dessert that was amazing while walking down the dinner buffet line to see the different types of items served.







We then went across the hall to Jiko. A second tour guide gave us another trading card with her name and map of where she came from in Africa. She then led us through this second location giving history and facts, as well as a hidden Mickey location.


Jiko has golden rings on the pillars, representing the golden rings women wear around their necks. It turns out each ring is for something special or amazing and the more rings a women has the more she is revered.


There is also a private dining/wine room you can request for large parties or business meetings. We were then lead to the cooking counter and offered a sampling of 4 sauces and breads to taste. She gave us a menu to see the other wonderful items available.



This was a nice way to spend an afternoon, checking out new food, a new country and not breaking the bank.

- Jody

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  1. Hi Jody-

    I’ll be spending time at Animal Kingdom Lodge next spring. It’s nice to have ideas like this if there’s a little time to burn or on a rainy afternoon. On site and free!

    But to clarify, Africa is a continent, not a country. It’s great they’ve tried to incorporate elements of different African cultures into the restaurants!

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