Sparkle On! runDisney and Beyond

by Patty Holliday, guest blogger

Summer seems to pass me by in the blink of an eye and before I know it, I’m staring at a pretty busy fall. As a mom of four active children, you can bet I know a thing or two (or 50!) about being constantly on the go! I’m prepping for soccer games, football (I am from Texas, y’all!), the upcoming runDisney race season, and my favorite holiday of all, Halloween.

And SparkleSkirts are key players in my wardrobe for all of these situations!

Sparkle skirts with Mouse Tales Travel
Brand new Tiara Blue Sparkle Tech

Sparkle Skirts are versatile, functional, and sassy athletic apparel for runners and walkers who want to feel comfortable. Can a skirt really be all these things? I’m here to tell you as a proud Sparkle Sister, that YES, they can be!

SparkleTech skirts are specially designed to address the most common needs of runners and walkers:

  • Shorts that stay put with no riding up (we guarantee it!)
  • Lots of cargo space- 3 amazing pockets to hold phones, keys, nutrition, heck, anything!
  • Attractive shape that enhances all figure types
  • Sizes from XS to 3XL available
  • Stylish, curve-friendly skirt disguises pocket cargo and (ahem) figure flaws.

Please check out the website for full details on these awesome skirts!

Sparkle Skirts with Mouse Tales Travel
Sparkle Sister Michelle wearing Camo Tech at her first marathon

Sounds great right? Makes sense that one would wear these for exercise, but the skirts can be used for so much more than just working out. Show support for your favorite sports teams for one!

Sparkle Skirts with Mouse Tales Travel - Space Walk Tech
Hat and jersey, Sparkle Skirt Space Walk

With the amazing pockets I can attend sporting events and leave my purse behind. Everything fits comfortably in my sparkle pockets! I don’t lose my keys or ID like I once did since it’s safely zipped up inside the generous front pocket! And I look darn cute too!

If you runDisney, you probably also run in costume! Finding comfortable adult costumes is so hard. Every year I frown at the itchy and hot polyester options. This year I decided to use a Sparkle Skirt for the Princess Half Marathon. I ran as one half of the Evil Stepsisters from Cinderella. My “sister” Julie also wore a Sparkle Tech! We were comfortable, it was functional, and we loved all the compliments on the course!

Sparkle Skirts with Mouse Tales Travel - I Can Fly Sparkle Tech
Drizella, the evil step sister, sparkled in I Can Fly by Sparkle Skirts!

Every year people spend almost $8 billion on costumes and decorations for Halloween! Crazy, right? Sparkle Skirts can be such a great base for many costumes- not just the running ones. Check out our Pinterest boards for ideas!

We’d love to talk Sparkle, so please follow us on any of our social media channels and feel free to contact us with any questions! Facebook, Twitter, or through the website. Hope to see you join the Sparkle Sisters and remember to #SparkleOn!

Patty Holliday is a 39 year old mother runner, married to a (mostly) perfect guy. Learning to love running one step at a time. It’s not working. But Sparkle Skirts and runDisney helps. She is the social media contact for and blogs at Margaritas, Miles & the Mouse.


  1. says

    The pockets are awesome! I also wear my skirts to the grocery store and to run errands, because I can throw a credit car, license, and baby snacks in my pockets without having to lug around a bag. People always ask me about my skirts!

  2. Megan says

    Love, love, love the skirts…and paired with an NFL top, perfecto! Definitely going to look into getting myself one, or three!

  3. Michelle says

    So…they don’t ride up even with flabby upper thighs? I have yet to find a skirt that doesn’t have capris under them that won’t ride up! That alone (not to mention the cuteness factor) makes me want to check out one of these! Thanks for posting!

  4. Jaime says

    I never even thought of Sparkle Skirts for Halloween costumes, what a great idea!! Especially since my 8 year old is doing a Halloween 5k the weekend before the holiday.

  5. Bonnie Santaguida says

    I am a big fan of Sparkle Skirts. I love the pockets on a long run, you just can’t beat them. I love not having to wear some kind of belt to keep all my stuff. I never thought to wear them for Halloween costumes! Good idea!

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