It’s Tangled 2

Update: Tangled Ever After will be released as a short before “Beauty & the Beast” in 3D this spring. Here’s a sneak peek:



Okay, technically it’s TANGLED EVER AFTER but still, Tangled 2 is coming!! TANGLED EVER AFTER will be released first to the Disney Channel in Spring 2012, then on Blu-ray and DVD.

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Stars Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi return for the sequel which shares Rapunzel’s life after finding her parents and marrying Flynn Ryder. I wonder if she’ll have to use a frying pan to get him to the altar?

– Kimberly


  1. Jen says

    I wish there was more Tangled merchandise. My daughter loves this movie, but when we try to find “Tangled” dolls etc. there isn’t much of a selection.

  2. Chrisella says

    I wish there are more tangled sequels to come but since its disney’s choice… *sighs*

    but this sequel, tangled ever after, will be great…it will be funny.

  3. says

    My granddaughter absolutely loves this movie. She will watch it back to back to back-no joke. I will be so happy for a sequel. She will too I am sure.

  4. Deanna says

    Will Tangled Ever After be released as an actual movie/blue ray for purchase in Spring 2012? If so, what is the projected release date? Thanks!

  5. Communications Mouse says

    Deanna, since it was a short instead of an actual feature, it might be released as part of another DVD/Blu-ray but I doubt it’s going to be its own release as was originally promoted. :(

  6. Alex Carmon says

    i cant wait for tangled ever after comes out, i love tangled, plus Flynn Rider is so Cute.

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