Art of Animation

Immerse yourself in the wonder of Disney animation in this new Resort filled with family suites and pixie dust! Art of Animation, located near Pop Century, opens in June 2012 but you can make your reservations now. We already have families who’ll be enjoying 3 of the 4 movie-themed areas: The Lion King, Cars, and Finding Nemo. The Little Mermaid area, which is the only area which will not have family suites, boasts 864 rooms sleeping up to 4 people and will open later than the family suites.

The 1120 family suites sleep up to 6 people but the floor plan is different from the current family suites at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort.  Those suites were created from 2 regular resort rooms and the new family suites are designed as suites from the ground up! One change is the Inova bed which comes down Murphy-bed-style from the wall and settles over the table. Unlike other Disney Value & Moderate Resorts, these family suite buildings have interior hallways.

Each of the four movies feature a courtyard area that contains one of the 3 pools and/or a large play area which are scaled so you are the size of a character! The exterior of the buildings showcase large murals that re-create scenes from the movies or sketches from production and all art is original to the resort.

Let’s take a look at each building –

Finding Nemo

Located nearest the check-in building, the courtyard at the Finding Nemo building puts you right in the story as if you were the size of Nemo himself. The courtyard contains a big blue pool,  a wet play area themed to Mr. Ray’s schoolyard, and a dry playground area called “Squirt’s Righteous Reef”.

art of animation family suites finding nemo disney mouse tales travel

art of animation family suites finding nemo disney mouse tales travel


Zoom down the newly paved road into Radiator Springs as if you were Lightning McQueen himself and meet 11 different characters from the movie. You’ll be staying in the Cozy Cone Motel with Cozy Cone lamps, draperies, and bed covers and Sarge’s quonset hut is staged as the pool/laundry building surrounded by the backdrops of Radiator Springs, Cadillac Ranch, Luigi’s House of Tires and the Wagon Wheel Hotel.

This is the most popular choice for Mouse Tales Travel clients – the boys in the family finally come into their own!

art of animation family suites cars disney mouse tales travel

art of animation family suites cars disney mouse tales travel

The Lion King

The Lion King area is the only one without a pool but it does feature a large play area themed to the elephant graveyard from the movie and is what MiaMouse is most excited to see! One side of the area is the Pridelands and the other is jungle where Simba made his home with Timon and Pumbaa. As if you’re the size of Simba, you’ll meet Rafiki as you enter the courtyard, Scar is hiding nearby, you go under the log from “Hakuna Matata” with Simba, Timon & Pumbaa, and then see Mufasa on Pride Rock. The rooms themselves are jungle-themed.

art of animation family suites lion king disney mouse tales travel


The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid area is the furthest from check-in and the bus stops and you go through The Lion King area to get there. These 3 buildings are regular resort rooms (no family suites) and have exterior entrances just like the other Value Resorts.

Ursula, Ariel, and King Triton icons are centered in each building surrounding the pool area. The balconies are decorated with sealife cutouts and you view this all as if you were the size of wee Sebastian!

art of animation family suites little mermaid disney mouse tales travel

So which themed room is your favorite? We’ll be keeping you updated as construction comes to a close!

Want to book your own vacation in a family suite at Art of Animation? Send us a quote request form and we’ll get started making magic!

– Kimberly

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