Choosing Your Autograph Pen

Get a grip! No, not you… the characters you ask to sign your autograph book! While face characters like the Disney Fairies and Mary Poppins have no problem gripping a pen, the furry characters and those with big gloves don’t have it so easy.

disney kooky pen mouse tales travel

As much as I love the Disney Kooky pens – and yes, I love Koosh Balls too – they’re not a good choice for an autograph pen. Because of their odd shape, the characters have a tough time holding the pen and it turns in their hand when they write. I save mine for bill paying (might as well enjoy SOMEthing about it!).

Regular ballpoint pens are a little too slim and the pens sold alongside the autograph books are a better choice if you want ballpoint/roller ink. They’re a little longer and chunkier than a standard ballpoint.

The winner for best pen in the autograph category? The wonderful Retractable Sharpie!

sharpie retractable pen autographs mouse tales travel

Choose black or carry a rainbow of colors so you can pick a color for each autograph based on the character. They’re a nice shape and size for characters to hold, they click open/shut so no random marks in your bag, and they have a slightly larger tip for writing. Plus, no cap to lose!

What colors will you bring on your next trip?

– Kimberly

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  1. Terri-Lynn Kennedy says

    On our last trip, Cynthia used a Sharpie to collect her autographs and we actually had people asking why her autographs looked so much nicer then theirs… the Sharpie is bolder and stands out a lot more then a regular ball point pen. We are thrilled with the results. We didn’t have the retractable Sharpies last time but they are on the list for our October vacation.

  2. Communications Mouse says

    We got the tip from a character handler CM and it’s made a world of difference in MiaMouse’s autographs too. Of course, I’d be thinking twice about handing a Sharpie to a little one who doesn’t understand “permanent”, LOL!
    – Kimberly

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