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If you’re like the Mouse Tales® Travel Family, you have a few Disney DVDs that have seen better days… a scratch here, a chip there, and maybe even one that’s been snapped in two. Thanks to my buddies at Walt Disney Studios, here’s a handy little tip:

How do I replace a damaged DVD?

If you accidentally damage or break one of your Disney movies, you can get a replacement disc for a nominal charge of $6.95 for each DVD and $8.95 for each Blu-ray disc.

Please mail in your damaged movie, a Check or Money order made payable to WDSD, and a completed Disc Replacement form to:

WDSD – Replacement Program
PO Box 3100
Neenah, WI 54957-3100

Here’s a link to the site with the Disc Replacement form: Disney DVD & Blu-ray Help Center

So, how’s that for coolness? $6.95 or $8.95 to replace instead of buying a new movie or going without. Yay!

– Kimberly


  1. wondering, what do they do about the DVDs that are “in the vault” and not currently available? I only have a few of those that are quite scratched (thank you Katie). ;)

  2. Communications Mouse says:

    Carla, rumor is that they replace them! Do let us know what you find out! – Kimberly

  3. Is there any way to get a replacement case? My dvd is fine, the slipcover looks good, but the case itself got cracked…

  4. Communications Mouse says:

    Ilse, I haven’t heard of them replacing the case. Sorry! If I find out otherwise, I’ll post. – Kimberly

  5. What about Disney Pixar movies are those included?

  6. Communications Mouse says:

    Hi, Katelyn! Disney*Pixar movies are included in the replacement program.

    – Kimberly

  7. Is there a phone number to contact them? Is this through Disney? Or an separate company? Feeling a little unsure about sending a check somewhere that I cannot call and check the status or get info.

  8. Communications Mouse says:

    Bonnie, the information actually comes from Walt Disney Studios and I’ve updated our blog post to include the new contact information and requirements. There’s actually a contact number on the web page so that should help.

    – Kimberly

  9. IS it for any Disney Movies? Even the older ones? Are is it just the new ones?

  10. Communication Mouse says:


    – Kimberly

  11. Do we just mail in the damaged dvd’s and not the cover’s, right? Also is there a limit to how many we can replace? Thank you!

  12. Communication Mouse says:

    Correct – just the damaged DVD’s and no limit!

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